UFC 68 Picks Contest!

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  1. Pwnage.

  2. I do not think the negative rep. points will return as it seems to encourage more immature activities. So, you(as do i) will just need to remember who you owe rep points to.

    I read the Sylvia supposedly had a back injury that occurred a week before the fight that was severe enough that he considered pulling out. True or not, I have no clue, but I am glad he lost.

    I did not see the fight but I read that Hamill's standup has not gotten any better. I just do not understand how this could be the case since he is training. It will be different to see him matched up against a good striker.

  3. OK, I'm gonna rep all you guys. Here goes!

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Rogue Drone again.
    You have given out too much Reputation in the last 24 hours, try again later.
    Shot my wad fellas, I'll do more when I get the chance. I got some of y'all, though!

  4. I'll be the first to admit it, neg repping with nasty comments was a silly fun way to rile people up,too easy, a few dropped anonymously and watch the recriminations fly, haha.....

    I picked Hamill by KO, because I assumed he's a quick study who would emulate his mentor, Tito, I predicted a GNP TKO, not a standing one.

    I figured that I would'nt get paid off for my 68 win, having just got hit from the 33 one, easier on all to spread the love, which was someone's comment on one of only two rep hits, so far.

  5. I haven't weighed in with opinions too much, but you guys pretty much covered my thoughts.

    What the hell is wrong with Babalu? I like the guy, too, but he just looked like ****. If you're gassed at the end of the round, circle away and catch your breath. He was attacking with crappy knees and kicks. Who squares off and steps in with a knee to the body...arms at the waist????????

    I knew he was gonna lose in the opening exchange. He basically repeated what he did vs. Liddel. He chased with sloppy, wild punches until he got the takedown. I haven't watched it again yet, and I'm not sure that I want to, but even just watching it live it was very clear that he hadn't improved on his mistakes from fighting Chuck.

    "The Athlete" is lucky he met a timid Franklin, b/c he kept trying the same weak setup he used with Leben: a weak right cross to a half-arsed single leg. If his next opponent is decent, I predict a brutal KO if he keeps with the same setup.

  6. Thanks for the reps and welcome Alexander. You da man. I'll try and rep the rest after the time limit has expired.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by exnihilo View Post
    Randy certainly put together a nice arsenal with the bobbing, slipping and looping overhand punches. Randy took a serious boxing clinic to prepare for this fight, it looks like he studied james toney's style. Since the current trend in MMA is towards strong boxing based stand-up technique this will probably work pretty well for a while, at least until fighters start integrating more leg kicks into their games.

    I have to say, the whole belching on camera thing was pretty lame, and I think it's one more reason I'm glad Tim got taken apart.
    I don't think Randy looked to Toney's style when fighting Tim. Toney favors the Philly shell and it's not very well suited for MMA, IMO. You are essentially facing sideways to your opponent. Lead hand is down and bent across the waist to block your opponent's body attack. You dig your chin into the lead shoulder and keep your right hand high to throw your straight counter.

    But not ideal in MMA for several reasons. First off you are susceptible to takedowns. Secondily you are open to kicks especially a right roundhouse. And it would be pretty easy to get clinch and rain knees in as well.

    Randy used boxing set up with the left low kick followed by the right overhand. After that he bobbed and weaved to avoid Tim's counter which was non existent. Problem with the low kick is it can leave you open to a straight counter which did in Ricco. And the bobbing and weaving could have been countered with knees but tim was too afraid of getting taken down. Overall a solid gameplan by Randy as he knew Tim was going to be too timid. I doubt this will work agianst Crocop but it'll be interesting to see how Randy approaches that fight.


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