Overeem: "I'll fight Fedor this year"

  1. Overeem: "I'll fight Fedor this year"

    "I've been training for a few days, and came here in Croatia to relax a bit. My next fight is in Dream in March. Don't want to discuss opponents yet."

    "It's true that I haven't defended it for 2 years. Actually, i had something scheduled for 2009. but then I got injured. The real truth is that there weren't any real opponents for me to fight at the beginning of Strikeforce. Everything was new and there was no one to fight. They didn't complain and I competed in Dream and K-1 in the meantime. Then when real fighters came, I got injured in 2009. I cut myself, and had a serious bacterial infection."

    "I will definitely fight Fedor this year. There's no doubt about it, unless he says no. I don't believe he will, but Iím a little worried about his managers. I'm sure he wants to fight, but Iím not sure people behind him do too."

    "Besides Fedor, thereís Brett Rogers. Big guy that doesn't worry me that much. Strong, but talks to much. I will fight him soon as well. Then thereís Fabricio Werdum, and I definitely want to kill him. Heís a loudmouth, but I think heís first in line for Fedor, so that fight will wait a bit. Finally thereís Andre Arlovski. A very good fighter I will also fight eventually."

    "I wouldn't say UFC has the toughest competition. I think Strikeforce is getting stronger, theres me, Rogers, Fedor, Werdum, Arlovski... I'm not sure, Iíd even say that the Strikeforce HW division is stronger then UFC's right now. So no, Iím not thinking of going there."

    "I think Iím currently in the top 5. There's Fedor, and that big guy from the UFC, Brock Lesnar. Not sure about the rest, id say Dos Santos is up there. He really impressed me."

    Quote of the Day: Alistair Overeem - "I Will Definitely Fight Fedor This Year" - Bloody Elbow

  2. I would actually like to see this fight. I dont think Overeem wins, but he has a punchers chance
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. The only thing I caught from all of that was when he said the UFC doesnt have all the talent. Dana White just pisses me off with all his BS propoganda. I hope the likes of Overeem and Fedor stay far away from the UFC.

  4. I am callin it. Overeem tests pos before fighting fedor!!!

  5. Why hasn't Strikeforce stripped overeem of his fuking title? Hes going to fight Rogers in a non title bout. fuking bootleg company. It seems like they are getting there act together but still suck at times.

  6. Does anyone got an up to date info on what Overeem walking weight has been lately? Strikeforce doesn't really have a whole lot of huge HWs but he would def. need a good weight advantage to handle some of his competition I'd say.

  7. He weighed in at 224 against Buentello back in November, 2007. He was 242 against Mirko in November 2008. He weighed in at 254 against Hari that December. And is now said to be at 260.

    Theres a good pic of his "bulking" progress here:


    I am not saying he has definitely done steroids or that all of his muscle gain is from roids. I do know that he cut a lot when he would fight LHW which is why he was always gassed out. But 224 in Nov 2007 to 254 in Dec 2009. Thats 30lbs in 2 years about 15lbs a year in pure muscle. I guess its possible to gain a little over a lb a month of muscle without doing roids but that would be an extremely difficult feat to accomplish especially when you are working cardio and striking technique almost every day. Either way I still think he is a good fighter but we will see how he does against Rogers in May and if he passes his roids test.

  8. I think its possible but not when you are training for MMa and k-1. you risk getting injured and stuff. im sure he roided but it doesnt really matter that he did but it bothers me more that hes not fightin in the US more. its stupid. We live in the steroid era. what would make me think he didnt use roids? he hangs out with power lifters and **** who can easily hook him up over seas. i wanna see him blow through bigfoot or werdum as well though. i dislike those guys.


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