So both Silvia and Arlovski lost there fights

  1. So both Silvia and Arlovski lost there fights

    Does anyone have any more information on this. Both of them got knocked out in seconds apparently.

    That should show all them there boxin fans that UFC trainin ain't no joke. (stupid redkneck voice)

  2. wait, you mean the other way around right? since they crossed over from mma into boxing and got knocked out

    I dont understand why guys in mma think that boxing will be an easy transition, boxers spend hours getting hit in the face to condition it and are so used to taking shots. Their punches are generally much stronger because thats the only thing they train. I feel bad for Arlovski, he works extremely hard and his mma career is pretty much over at this point.

  3. sorry, my sarcasm doesnt show through on these posts. I edited.

    Anyway, Silvia's fight was actually changed to MMA rules at the last minute for some kind of legal/comission type reasons.

    I couldn't find really any info on AA's fight other than he lost it.

  4. AA lost to a young, up-and-coming fighter named Brett Rogers. It wasn't really that shocking to a lot of people because AA's weakness is his chin.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Arlovski chose to stand up and wait to counter a flurry from a guy that has a significant weight advantage over him, it was really a matter of who would strike first, all though i'm surprised that Arlovski didnt shoot in.

  6. Sylvia was pathetic. Here, you can see for yourself.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer KO Fight Video[/ame]

  7. Im at work I cant see the video, is that the Mercer fight? LOL the best part is Mercer yelling afterwards "i need to get paid so we gotta come in here and knock a ni%%a out!!"

  8. Both the fights are up on YouTube. The Silvia fight made me smile. Fedor made quick work of the giant, and Arlovski got in some really good hits, but got caught with a hook/upper cut... type thingy... Ill admit I dont really know what Im talking about, but both are short and worth watching.

  9. honestly you jsut found out about this? its been everywhere lol. yeah silvia sucked got beat by an old man. AA has a glass jaw and was shy so the brett rogers jsut rushed him hard.


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