Overheating during training

  1. Overheating during training

    hey guys,
    i just started training for mma and am loving it. i do my workouts/training at night outside with some buddys who have been training for a while. it has been really hot this summer (105 F day. 85 F at night) plus high humidity because i live in florida... is it dangerous to train in these conditions. i dont want to have a heat stroke or cook my insides. any input would be very helpful.


  2. Yes you are going to overheat. Rolling for extended time will whip your ass.
    If you have the $ I also suggest finding a local gym to learn the basics. I say this because I rolled with a guy who "trained with his friends" and schooled him bad. He didn't know hip control, proper form, or basic sweeps.

  3. When you get better, the heat adds intensity. If you ever want to fight, you gotta get used to being hot. Wouldn't train without adequate hydration though.

  4. pack in electra lights. lay off no2 products. go for short periods of times. make sure if you are doing throws no not put your leg out and toss them over you will hurt them.

  5. Wearing a good rash guard is also important.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. for sure, i only have one so i used it rolling one day then tank while doing standup.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Wearing a good rash guard is also important.
    Yeah, that's a must.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Wearing a good rash guard is also important.
    are they really that good? i always feel great with just the gi on, I never get irritated from it really. what are the benefits ?

  9. I just started MMA-training myself and the gym I'm at has no AC whatsoever.

    Though the heatwave here was in mid June, it still gets pretty hot in this hangar-type gym. I find from previous experience in dealing with heat that keeping the fluid intake up is a very high priority. It also depends on what type of exposure you're getting to the sun and if you can physiologically can handle the heat. Some people can't.

    If you get that dizzy feeling creeping up, you'd better take a short break, cool off, and get some water. Heat exhaustion can get REALLY nasty.


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