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I've come upon a strange problem: the pills surface is dry and powdery. It takes me a 12oz glass of water to get them down. This is resulting in me waking up an hour or two before I should, to piss. Then it's tough to go back down.

I can swallow 3 Orange Triads, 3 fish oil, a green tea, and a couple vitamin C in one gulp with 2-3 OZ of water, so it's not that I'm a baby. It's just something about that powdery surface which inevitably leaves the pill stuck in my throat, taking a couple gulps to get each one down.
Although great care was taken in the manufacturing process they do still have a little residue on the tabs. Unfortunately the tabs couldn't be coated because one of the krebs intermediates was turning the tabs yellow upon coating. Therefore we opted to make them softer so they could be chewed. They are pretty chalky but it's a good option.

We are still toying around with the idea of 4-OOO capsules on the next run.

P.S. you should be ashamed for still swallowing triad! j/k