Nice Stack for the budget

  1. Nice Stack for the budget

    I have been doing alot of reading and comparing lately. Much more than I used to do when falling for any hype. So far I haven't seen much if any negatives on MST. I am looking for supplements that support power, strength and lean mass, thats affordable, so one can continue on for a good amount of time if the product does work. I think it was Matt that posted a nice little stack...I can't remember which thread but it was bascially this.

    Workout Days
    1 Scoop Ragnarok
    3 Carnage
    3 Cordygen5

    Non Workout Days

    Seeing that I workout(weightlifting) 12 days per month and have 18 off days. The Ragnarok, Carnage and Kreacep would last me 3.3 months while the others would be around a month or so before they would run out. I don't know if I would need all those products but I just noticed with this stack it would spread out quite nicely and not break the bank.

    Honestly, I am still not sure what all these products would do for me and my goals. I think the Ragnarok, Citruvol and Carnage would be closer to walk I am looking for but everyone seems to love the Cordygen, so I am sort of at a loss. I have been comparing this to a brand thats not sponsored here at AM so I don't think the rules allow speaking of them.

    Anyway thinks are looking good here and several of these products has got my attention.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Fabulous One View Post
    .....I think it was Matt that posted a nice little stack...I can't remember which thread .....

    Matt stated the stack in the "Carnage with L-Histidine?" thread in the Millennium Sport Technologies section.

  3. Thanks SM. Yep thats the one. I emailed Matt and he is sending me a few smaples and after I return from vacation July 20th I will be buying Ragnarok, Carnage, and Cordygen5. I am going to start with those 3 and see how they do over a month or two. It will be a good time to put them to the test because my training is about as good as it has been in years. I deadlifted a PR of 520lbs last night and I am on no supplements right now other than enzymes and fish oil.

  4. 520 dl is awesome man! Congrats

  5. Should be a sick stack, brotha!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ncangey0513 View Post
    Should be a sick stack, brotha!
    I tell you a sick one that I only wish I had enough jack to hit for about 3 months is this:

    Omega T-Force
    Abliderate w/5gms of Formestane
    ADAM Multi vit/min
    Natural Resveratrol
    Cod-Liver Oil

    My gains would be scary I do think...


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