What's the background on MST?

  1. What's the background on MST?


    First off, let me say hello and give a little background on me. I'm a motocross racer that has been training intensely (cardio and strength) for about 5 years now.
    I first got introduced to the MST products when I was looking for a multivitamin that wasn't complete synthetic junk and obviously found that with MVP. That was about 3 years ago. Since then I have added ZMK (my favourite product of all time), RPG and athlytes to my stack. The only other supplements I take are whey protein, fish oil, glucosamine and digestive enzymes.

    Anyway, I'm a guy that's constantly reading and trying to learn new things about training, nutrition and supplementation. I'm quite skeptical on a lot of supplements and I always try to know everything I can about the advantages/dangers from a certain supplement. For instance, I searched for days and days until I found a fish oil supplement manufacturer that was able to prove to me that their fish oil isn't contaminated with pcb's, metals,... For that same reason I only use vegetarian glucosamine and MST RPG (because of the ajipure bcaa's). I also try to buy all of my food from organic sources. Let's just say I'm a cautionary guy.

    Anyway, the point I'm getting at is this: Even though I love my MST products, there isn't much that I know about the company. I believe in the products that I take because I feel the difference they make but I would like to know a little more about the company itself, and the people who make the formulations. For example who makes the formulations? What background (studies etc.) do they have? How is testing done? Do you test for impurities etc? Which pro athletes are using your products?

    The only thing I know is the owner is called Matt, and then there's CTdeuce.


  2. CTDeuce is Chuck.

    Both top blokes.

    Ryanp81 is also an avid poster about MST and he can help you out with questions.
    ...::: Olympus Labs Athlete & Representative :::...
    Crossfit - DEMIGOD -

  3. You've come to the right place, welcome to AM as well as posting here in the MST section. The owner and man behind MST is Matt Masuda or better known on the forums as Millennium1. CTdeuce a.k.a Chuck is the MST rep. I'm in no way affiliated with MST other than my unflinching loyalty for the last 5 years and its funny because I was in the same boat you where in when I stumbled across the MST section. I spent literally the whole day reading all the writeups as well what Matt was bringing to the table in regards to his knowledge and his reasoning/methodology behind his products.....I've been hooked ever since. I'm a medically retired United States Marine, I had several bouts with pneumonia, walking pneumonia as well major respiratory issues which was brought on obviously from pneumonia but also cocci ( valley fever ) which almost killed me and left me being behind a desk the rest of my Marine Corps career. It took me about 3 years to get my lungs back to working order, the biggest hurdle was getting off ephedra and albulterol which taxed the hell out of my adrenals as well my mental state...I could still run a good 3 mile but the after effects led to me coughing violently all day due to irritating my left lung which has scarring and not to mention a couple runs to the ER. The first time I took a combo of C5/Cre02 it was like a breath of fresh air and absolutely zero aggrivation ( I ****ing killed it on my runs and squats that day ), it's been that way ever since.

    All of MST products are made in the USA in a cGMP facility so what you see on the label is what you get in the bottle and it's even to the point from personal experience to cut down initially from the recommended dosages because the potency/effectiveness ( cordygen5 in the new DRcaps and V02 being an example for me ). Matt has an extensive background and has been in the supplements/health game for quite some time, he can back it up without question and knows adaptogens better than anyone ( there's a patent for his cordygen5...it's that good ) He's pretty much my go-to guy when I have questions.

    MVP and ZMK are my must have daily's, mycogreens is also awesome but I don't use that as regularly like I should be. I can't count how many Cre02 bottles I've used in the last 5 years and even after 5 years of using it nothing comes close, it's still the king when It comes to creatine/endurance products for me...it's that effective. Cordygen 5 from time to time. I love RPG, been using it religiously for the last 2 years, athlytes day to day as well. Also on my 2nd bottle of Krill 500 right now.

    If you have any questions send Matt an Email [email protected] or send Chuck or myself a PM, we'll help you out any way we can dude.

  4. MST has been and is premium, top-notch, quality from the start.
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