Ryan's Athlyte's review

  1. Ryan's Athlyte's review

    For info about whats in Athlytes : http://anabolicminds.com/forum/mille...lytes-atp.html

    So I was going to give a full review after I was done with a bottle but I decided to follow through and post a review now for anyone who's on the wire about either purchasing a bottle or to hear what you will receive from it.
    First off I want to thank Matt and CT for getting me hooked on another MST product, this stuff is fantastic overall for anyone who has problems with hydration issues or tend to have a problem with hitting that wall during workout, the other thing I noticed is it stacks real well with any Pre-wo product/drink, BCAA's and any other ergogenic product ( creatine, BA, CM )

    - Great natural energy boost, good dosage of B vitamins and a good sence of alert and well being
    - Fantastic for people who have hydration issues or have a problem drinking water, make sure that you have a water bottle around you when taking Athlytes, It was alot easier for me to drink more water and I was more thirsty....I dont know why. This is the best feature of Athlytes IMO Drink Water!!!
    - I noticed less water retention and more muscle fullness
    - I was sweating more when working out
    - I noticed way better workouts, more concetration and my endurance was improved ( especially in the early morning w/o's )
    - Ive been stacking it with Cre-02 and my workouts have never been better, I think with the ATP boost from athlytes really puts product's like Cre-02 in high gear and I highly encourage anyone to stack these two products together....I threw in some RPM there as well

    Cons :
    - Bigger bottles with x2 the amount

    Since there has been mention of poseidon vs athlytes or "since im out of poseidon i'll give ahtlytes a whirl" i'll give my unbiased opinion, not one is better than the other. I've been using Poseidon since it's inception and Its great for my skin my recovery etc. obviously it
    has a more complex blend of vitamins and minerals but you have to take 3-6 scoops a day to gain any benefit IMO and its pretty volatile ( always keep the canister and scoop away form water ) you get the skin benefits as well. Athlytes is in pill form and for 2 caps it packs a punch, I think it serves the same purpose however there are the Krebs cycle minerals a good dose of b vitamins. It's a toss up but for pre w/o but I think the edge goes to athlytes ( espcially in conjunction with an ergogenic product ). For the skin benefits gains from athlytes its unoticed, but B-6 is fantastic for people with dry skin and dermatitis.

    If anyone still is question email MST or call them up and ask for some samples, if anyone has any questions please let me know.
    Godbless everyone

  2. awesome review brother....please feel free to keep updating as you go along. I'd love to keep hearing feedback!!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  3. Thanks for the review Ryan! Much appreciated!

  4. impressive ryan!! good job

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