For those of you on Arimidex, how much did it increase your total testosterone?

I just started Arimidex at .25 EOD to reduce my E2 from 82 -- ouch! To avoid increasing my FT further (it's high enough; the issue now is E2), I am reducing T cyp to 80 mgs/week from 100 mgs/week. Does this sound reasonable to compensate for the likely increase from the Arimidex? Do you believe that I may suffer negative side effects from the reduced dosage of T Cyp, which I have been taking for about 7 weeks?

Part of my motivation for reducing the T Cyp is that I suffer from labile blood pressure, and the high end of blood pressure range has recently increased, which I assume may be caused by the T Cyp. Then again, it could be from the E2, I suppose??? Additionally, my HDL dropped by 10 points, which I believe was caused by the T Cyp as well.

Thanks in advance for any help.