Does this scare the heck out of anybody else?

  1. I suppose it might be OK for women, sort of like eating soybeans.

  2. why is this scary?

    most of the beneficial effects probably come from its conversion to DHEA...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jomi822 View Post
    why is this scary?
    The part about not going over 10 mg qid.

    I am on 100 mg transdermally.

    That said, it appears this guy simply poo-poos anything that isn't his.

  4. People getting treatment for HRT and this is scary

  5. Not a big Sahelian fan. I get his news letter and he's super conservative on supplement use to the point where I question his real commitment to complimentary medicine. And as Rick pointed out, he reacts skeptically to anything he doesn't sell..just like Mercola used to do but now Mercola sells just about everything so now supps are wonderful. lol


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