high LH to FSH ratio... both in normal range

  1. high LH to FSH ratio... both in normal range

    I had blood work taken after my previous 4 week PH cycle... i did not have all the typical tests done such as DHT, SHGB ect but here are some of the numbers

    PCT was 3 weeks and consisted of nolva 40/20/10
    formestane: 100/75/50

    Total T: 400 (250-1100ng/dl)
    Free T: 73.1 (35-155pg/ml)
    FSH: (1.6 (1.6-8.0miu/ml)
    LH: 8.2 (1.5-9.3miu/ml)
    estradiol: 29 (13-54pg/ml)
    prolactin: 11.2 (2-18ng/ml)

    I had this test done roughly 5 days following the end of PCT so chances are i still had some nolva circulating in my system, i also took a small dose of cabergoline 250cc eod starting a few days prior to testing

    curious about the FSH/LH... if LH is still high does that mean my pituitary is till stimulating my testes to produce T? should i expect total T and free T to continue to increase, or is it simply do to the nolva still being present and possibly stimulating LH?

    any feedback on anything reguarding the numbers above would be appreciated


  2. i would also like to add that i woke up at 530 AM but did not have this test taken til 10 am... would my test levels have peaked earlier and begun to decline already before this blood was drawn?

  3. At this point, you had a lot of Nolva in your system. No question about it. In the few times that I've come off of Nolva, it's taken as long as 8 weeks the levels will stabilize.


  4. thanks for the post good info... since you ran it for 2 straight months yes i could see how it would build up in your system for quite some time

    i only took it for 3 weeks, but i agree there would have been a significant amount still circulating

    hmmm so i guess another test would be required to see where i stand naturally

  5. Nolva has a long half-life, so yeah, even on a short run, it will take awhile to clear. Probably not as long as it took for me to clear it, but you get the idea.


  6. hey T800 curious if you used any type of AI during/after your nolva run... your estradiol remained at a very reasonable level

  7. Nope, no AIs for me.



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