What is the list of test's that should be ran to check out thyroid (COMPLETE PANEL LIST). My friend is taking .125mcg of synthroid (generic) and has gained weight, tired, irretable, etc. Note, he was on .250mcg and lost weight and had more energy but Dr. said it was to high and change his dose again to .125mcg. As typical Dr. he only runs a TSH test.

He has fought with Dr. on this and the usual response YOU NUMBERS ARE IN RANGE.

As with other posts I have been on I understand what is needed for me (Armour) but he is meeting with his Dr. tomorrow and wants to know what exact tests he needs to demand.

List of meds

Replenex - 900 (OTC joint)
Levothyroxine - .125mcg
Prevacid - 30mg (Stomach)
Allegra - 120mg
Naproxen - 1000mg (250 4x) (arthrits) I know this eats the stomach thus the stomach meds
Hydroxychyoroquine - 500mg (what the f-ck) (arthitis)