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  1. Your DHT is a problem as well as your prolactin and cortisol. You can straighten out the DHT issue with some proviron but I'm not sure how you fix the prolactin and cortisol issues.

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    Your DHT is a problem as well as your prolactin and cortisol. You can straighten out the DHT issue with some proviron but I'm not sure how you fix the prolactin and cortisol issues.
    My morning cortisol was at the top of the range, isn't that supposed to be good? Doesn't cortisol lower throughout the day also? I have heard that very high levels of cortisol overpowers the uptake of free T, thus causing loss of libido. I'm not sure if cortisol is a problem for me though. I'm guessing my high progesterone levels are robbing me of feeling the effects of T. The only thing that I can think of to counteract this is to double my current T level of 479 to the 800-900 region. Maybe at that point then T can assert its affects on libido and combat the supression I'm feeling from high progesterone. Raising T will also increase dopamine and help counteract against the top of the range prolactin. There's nothing really that I can take that would lower progesterone since no drugs exist for that. I'm possibly stuck with the fact that my testes are producing ok test, but maybe at the wrong ratios. It's just a theory and I could be wrong, but it's the only thing I could think of right now. I may have to end up saving up more money so I can go see Dr. John. My options are running out in trying to figure out what's wrong with me. You guys have been a great help here.

  3. Have your family Dr order a Rhein 24 hour urine hormone profile and once you receive the results send them to Crisler for evaluation. He doesn't use blood labs anymore because they're to inaccurate. You might be surprised to see the difference on the 24 hour labs. Having done several sets of blood labs I can say my 24 hour labs matched way better with how I was feeling. Crisler will work with your family Dr as a consultant.

  4. Just an update......

    Just saw Dr. John and he said that I'm going to be one of his harder cases. Great, just my luck! Anyway, he thinks from looking at my labs that high progesterone is the main cause for my lack of of libido. He also thinks my DHT is probably too low since it's below bottom of range. He wants me to do a Rhein urine test before he makes any decisions about what to do. He thinks my Test production is ok, but needs to figure out how to 'run' down or overcome powerful feminizing effects of progesterone. It's a tricky situation, so he said he's not quite sure the best approach to take yet and wants to see results from urine test before making any decisions. I may be heading for test. cream, even though my test production is ok. Does anyone have any advice or comments? Any other possible angles or options I might have at this point?

  5. there anyone that can help me asnwer the above in regards to high progesterone? Can I do anything to keep myself off Test replacement in terms of overruning or lowering progesterone? Can raising T3 or manipulating thyroid hormones do anything to combat high progesterone...any relation at all? This high progesterone is ruining my life!



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