Questions regarding supporting adrenals while on armour thyroid??

  1. Questions regarding supporting adrenals while on armour thyroid??

    Hey Guys,
    I've recently switched from a slow release form of t3/t4 combo from a compounding pharmacy, to Armour Thyroid-3 grains per day. The Armour has made a huge difference. My skin looks better, I'm losing all the excess water retention I had. It has been very good. However lately I've noticed that I'm much more tired in the afternoon. I have not had the consistency in energy that I did on the slow release. I also get a little shaky after taking my third dose of the day, heart flutter, mild flushing. And now I'm getting some serious night time fatigue. Caffeine cravings, sugar cravings. The first two weeks on the Armour was awesome. I literally felt like a damn super hero. I had unbelievable energy. Now I'm wondering if I didn't maybe put a little too much stress on my adrenal glands which would account for all the energy I had the first two weeks being on the Armour and if maybe now the adrenals are a little fatigued and that's why I feel a little sluggish again. Would raising DHEA dose help a little...I take 25 mg morning and I know DHEA has a short half life..since my fatigue sets in later in the day would it be helpful to take another 25 mg DHEA in the late afternoon/early evening. I'd like to avoid taking cortef if possible because I hate the round face that I've gotten when taking it in the past. Is taking a little cortef like 2.5 mg only before I workout a decent idea. I workout pretty intensely and suspect that with a lack of sufficient adrenal support from the demand of the armour thyroid...I wonder if taking a small amount of cortef pre workout would not help a little. Obviously I would speak with my Doctor about this but I was just curious about what you guys think about this? Especially those of you who are taking Armour Thyroid and cortef (or any other form of adrenal support). Also I've heard that compounding pharmacies can make Armour into an extended slow release form. Anyone ever try this or have experience with it?? Thanks

  2. DHEA is metabolized to DHEA-s. Better to test for DHEA-s as that has more stable serum levels and DHEA levels can swing around.

  3. As far as DHEA is concerned, Is it best to supplement it at night before bed or in the morning?

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