AACE Guidelines

  1. AACE Guidelines

    Iron overload may lead to primary gonadal failure or
    sometimes hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction that results
    in secondary gonadal failure (22). The diagnosis is made
    in the setting of associated findings of hemochromatosis in
    conjunction with an increased ferritin level and is generally
    confirmed with a liver or bone marrow biopsy." (page 7 [pg445])

    I was diagnosed as a carrier of Hemochromatosis (only elevated ferritin and the DNA for a carrier) and yet there was no indication of concern for the correlation between that and my hypogonadism. I had a pituitary MRI with normal results and my LH was slightly elevated so I was diagnosed primary and treated with TRT. I, myself, up until now had no idea that it was related. Those doctors....

    Good information!
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  2. Dr. John....Please check your PM

  3. Quote Originally Posted by B5150 View Post
    Dr. John....Please check your PM
    Great my iron transferrin saturation was 55% YIKES but my ferritin was low Explain that one !!

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