found my blood test.

  1. found my blood test.

    sorry for posting again, but here are a couple other numbers...not sure if they mean anything tho...

    as mentioned test was 12.8 NMOL/L (10-28normal)

    WBC 5.7.....NORMAL 4.0-11.0
    AST 30 U/L
    CHOLESTEROL 4.07 8 months earlier it was 5.2(3.2-4.6 NMOL/ is normal) mine has been 6.6, but i was on accutane

    HDL 0.81 NMOL/L apparently its suppose to be over 0.9
    LDL 2.8 NMOL/L
    CHOL/HDL RATIO..... 5.0
    GLUCOSE 5.3 NMOL/L normal is 3.9-6.1

    TSH (sensitive) 2.04 normal 0.25-5 MU/L......nor sure why he ordered this one..

    just for your information


  2. none of these mean anything with regards to test levels i take it??


  3. How old are you?

    That is absolutely crazy you were on accutane. I have heard some horrendous stories about the side effects. Who knows what accutane may lead to later in life. I wonder what effect it may(actually probably did) had on your endocrine system.

  4. you like that.....youll like this....

    ive done 3 full courses of accutane... 16yrs old 23 yrs old 26 or 27, and currently was taking 40mg 3x/wk to keep it at bay

    my last cycle of accutane was 100mg/day for like 8 months..... how you like them apples...


    oh yeah.... just turned 30

  5. Wow. Im truly amazed nowadays by what drugs big pharma comes up with to treat symptoms of problems instead of the root issue of problem. More often than not, their drugs have horrible side effects, and accutane is a brutal drug.

    Acne is such a controversial issue. To many big drug companies have so much money tied up in it and basically most of the dermatology industry as well.

    There are so many effective natural ways to combat it, yet these make no money for the companies involved so they are not persued.

    I had an acne issue as a teenager/early 20's. In fact my involvement for searching for natural, healthy alternatives to treating it is what led me to my pursuit of overall health and well being in the first place.

    I have found that treating inflammation is the key to treating acne. I took a two part attack on it. The first was the regimine found at It is terrific.

    Secondly, fighting inflammation has been key. It is funny but I have found that the ways to combat acne are often the same ways to live healthy. It seems like fighting acne and overall health go hand in hand.

    I have found that natural, medium carb processed free diet to be a BIG help. I eat fruits, veggies, meat products, nuts/seeds, yogurts and the like and thats it. I do not eat any sugar, breads cereals rice pastas or other refined carbohydrates. If it came out of a box, i do not eat it. If it did not used to be alive in some way or is not a plant/fruit, i do not eat it.

    I also find that potent fish oil + Vit E to be helpfull as well, along with resveratrol and ZMA. Check out alot of my posts in the last few days I have spoken at lengths about this.

    I have a hunch that excessively high DHT levels are at play as well. This can be checked for and controlled.
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  6. DHT and acne??? mmmm, i shall investigate.. been there, have done that...sounds like your diet follows a DR.s book that i have read, eat proteins first, then carbs...



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