Ok, I suppose this one would be for Dr. John and anyone ele that has any info is welcome to help out as well. My Thyroid replacement is a T3/T4 combo of 1.5 grains (Compounded). T4=57.5mcg and T3=13.5mcg. My thyroid labs are good according to my doc because my TSH is around 1.2 which he says is good.

As a quick side note this is my morning regimen upon waking that I follow. HGH at 1.5 IU per morning taken as a sub q inj. in the stomach immediately after ingestion of Thyroid. After the HGH, I inject Forteo (20mcg) sub-q in one thigh, I alternate each leg daily. *On days 5,6....two days leading up to Test-Cyp 100 mg shot (IM inject on Day 7)... I inject 250 IU HCG into the opposite leg that I injected the Forteo. taking 25 mg DHEA and 10 mg Pregnenolone which I ingest at this time as well. And last but not least...*On Sunday I would take my T-Cyp shot instead of the HCG 250 IU (Friday, Saturday). I then wait 30 minutes to let the thyroid get absorbed (it comes in capsule so I can't take it sublingually) Compounders said to be on the safe side so that my thyroid does indeed get fully absorbed to wait 30 min. before eating. Once that time is up I eat a good breakfast, shower and I'm out the door. Ok that was a little more than a "quick side note" but hopefully that gives you a good picture (any suggestions on my routine are also greatly appreciated)

Now if you're still reading my main question, in regards to Thyroid dosage and blood test results. So my TSH is at a level where the doc is happy and that's good I suppose. My T3 total is also in a place that he's happy with. There was no Free T3 done or TBG. T3 uptake is upper normal and as far as I know that's not ideal. The thing that I'm mainly concerned with and don't even know whether it's a problem or not are my T4(Thyroxine) levels. Both T4 total and Free Index T4 were at the very bottom of normal (and I mean the very bottom). I read that often times in people taking HGH that T4 will be lower and the conversion rate at which T4 converts to T3 is enhanced. And all this he is satisfied with but I just feel like that T4 must be good for something. Is it possible that as my T4 level has dropped (potentially as a result of the HGH replacement therapy) that the reverse T3 is increasing due to the low T4 total and the increased or enhanced conversion of T4 to T3? Since there is no longer very much T4 to convert is it possible for things to get a little strange and in an attempt to balance out my t4 and t3 levels my body is making more reverse t3? Would it make more sense to possibly ask my doc if we could think about increasing the strength of T4=57.5 mcg to a 6:1 ratio of T4/T3 (in the compounded t4=57.5mcg/t3=13.5mcg or 1.5 grains or 90 mg combo thyroid medication I take presently) that would have the t4=81 mcg and t3=13.5 mcg. Is it good to have my t4 total a little higher?