Testosterone Implants

  1. Testosterone Implants

    Ive got a friend who is on testosterone hormone implants and he is only getting very small increases in Total Testosterone from them. Are they usually effective? How do they work? Are their any issues with these to look out for?

  2. Bump. Sounds interesting, never knew that existed but sounds like common sense to do something like that instead of injecting all the time.

  3. Any method of administration of testosterone in a TRT application is ONLY intended to increase testosterone levels to mid/upper range. They are not intended to elevate levels to superphysiological ranges

  4. Is it administered like those birth control things they give chicks in their arms???

  5. He was 9nmol/L on a ref range of 11-30 and went to 12. It doesnt seem worth the hassle to me.

    I would have thought he should be able to get into the upper third on TRT, like say 20. Would that be correct or what should he be aiming for or expect from TRT?

    Piston Pump, ive got no idea how they work. All i know is they put them in just under your skin in a layer of fat and they look like a pellet.

  6. His ranges and results are based upon his practitioners protocol. Upwardly thinking practitioners would like to see him in the upper 3rd but that is between him and his doctor.

  7. I remember that this methode was being considered as a male form of birth control.
    An implat would be placed under the skin on the forarm, releasing the compound at certin intervals.

    I beleive this was also being used with peptides as well. I also remember reading many studies using GHRH and this delivery methoed as opposed to single injection of greater amounts.

    I beleive it has to do with dissolving disks or something...

  8. I tried them could not last 4 week before crashing the problem is most Dr.'s don't do enough pellets I now know I needed 20 75mg pellets. They are inserted in the butt and hurt. The cost is why to much and they do last some men 4 months. But if you like me and use up the T faster then you lucky to last 2 months. Also what do you do if your blood gets to thick now you need to have them removed.

  9. outdated and dangerous.

  10. Programmer you could be right, maybe they are just a pellet you stick under skin in instead of up your backside.

    B5150, thats exactly what i mean. He should be up around 20 i think and hes lucky to hit 12. Im just curious if its because of the implants that his T isnt going up as well as say a gel or somthing. He tried gels and didnt like having to put it on every day so im trying to convince him to go back to gels.

    RipW, if they are just a pellet, then i totally agree, i just didnt know if they were the same thing.

  11. With all the other options like gel and injection I cannot see the value in doing an evasive surgical procedure every 4-six months for something you cannot adjust once its in your body..
    The Cons Far outweight the pros!

  12. that's pretty strange. Implants? Why go through all the trouble. Isn't there any easier way?

  13. maxxdout i dont know. Thats why im asking, i had never even heard of them and it seems rediculous to use them. Thanks guys, will try and get him onto gels again...

  14. There for bush walkers and rain forest adventurers.

  15. I have read on other boards where a few guys say they love them due to consistent T levels, not having to mess with daily/weekly injections or gels/creams, and they claim that they do not have any E issues due to low aromatization.

    Of course, if you wind up with prostate cancer you would have to have them removed. You also would need to worry about infections when they are implanted. I have also read where the extrusion rate for them can be as high as 7.5%-8%. That would bum me out to say the least.


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