Best test cream application spot

  1. Best test cream application spot

    Hey guys,new to TRT. I got prescribed test/arimidex cream 10/100 daily. They are recommeding to put it under the biceps,under armpit area.I've researched best areas to put it and they recommend inside of forearms,upperarms or chest area.Is under the biceps okay as well?

  2. You want to apply transdermal products to areas having thin skin. Inside of arms, back of knees, clavicle area and tops of feet are all good.

  3. Thanks mate.

    Is it better the more you area you spread the cream? For instance, I take 4 clicks daily.I put one click around collar bone of each side.Then one click each on inside of the forearms.

  4. Here is what I do. With two pumps I work one into one shoulder/chest, and then do the other, allow for them to dry, and then overlay each side with Phlojel.

    When I apply more than two pumps, I usually do about 1.5 on each side, and then a bit on the foot tops, and any remaining on the insiders of my arms and the thinnest skin area around the collar bone.

    I always use Phlojel, always rub the gel in first as if my life depended on it, allow it to absorb, then apply the Phlojel.

  5. Does any convert to e2 when applied to scrotum? Or does all of it convert to DHT?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by lexmuscle View Post
    Does any convert to e2 when applied to scrotum? Or does all of it convert to DHT?
    I am not the right guy to ask - I don't apply it to my bag.

    I have been told that it you apply it to your bag, all the scrotal wrinkles go away and your bag hands 3" to 4" lower and takes on a "gourd-like" appearance.

    No, none of that it true - I just made it up.

  7. I've always heard most of it converts to DHT, but I've never had a DHT test to prove it when I applied to my scrotum. I have a feeling that gel is absorbed at a really high rate on the scrotum, and a full dose would probably convert to e2 (from raising your blood concentration of testosterone too high too quickly). A small amount would increase my libido a bit, but a full dose would bring about all the negative e2 signs. Testim 1% always worked the best, much better than Androgel 1.62%. I've always absorbed the gel like a sponge, so regular application of Testim 1% had my test level well north of 1000ng/dL, but also gave me some e2 sides (anxiety, itchy nips), and made my chest turn bright red like a sun burn from the high RBC. If you don't absorb the gel as well, I've heard flanks, scrotum, inner thighs, tops of feet, and inner forearms are the best.

  8. E2 conversion shouldn't be a huge concern for OP since he's on adex too.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    E2 conversion shouldn't be a huge concern for OP since he's on adex too.
    Not sure how I missed that haha


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