BHRT for Bodybuilders?

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    Ok, so I have been training for about 6 years now and have done pretty much every synthetic out there. Just moved across the country and have no connects to get my gear. I don't play that online bulls*. So I have been doing research in this BHRT, Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. It's pretty expensive, but it's all prescription and the doc says he works with bodybuilders all the time so he knows what I'm looking for. So basically I'm just seeing if anyone has ever done them or has any input on BHRT before I drop a few grand on this. Thanks guys.
    I believe Kevin Levrone was talking and using these pellets of bioidentical hormones. Check out his forum or drop him a line. Im pretty sure he uses them. The good thing about them is that these pellets implants lasts for months. Cool stuff

  2. I used the pellets for 5 years and ended up going to injections about 8 months ago. The nice part about the pellets is the sustained levels compared to other methods. As far as being
    Bio identical makes not difference test is test. The pellets are expensive but if your not hung up on the bio type there is a FDA approved type the insurances will pay for called testopel. I switched to injections because it only cost me about $100 a year in co-pays verses $100 every 3 months.

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    I have no problem learning. If the data shows otherwise, I'd like to learn about it.

    From what I know about trt, when supervised by a doctor who knows what he's doing, it is quite safe. And if a man at any age knows what being on trt for the rest of his life means, and accepts the sides that come from androgenic/anabolic hormones, then why shouldn't he? If there is a logical response, I'd defiantly like to know.
    I can agree with this post, good way to redeem yourself. You may of just needed more detail in the previous one. Well done.

  4. I switched Docs a few years ago and he suggested the BHRT pellets that dissolve under the tongue, Inj. test cyp was causing my RBCs to get high. My test level after 6 months went from 900 to 460 and after a year it went to 288. He switched me back to Inj. and I have gotten out of a very stressful marriage and my RBCs have stayed below 50 and my test level is back around 900. I did not respond to BHRT at all,ymmv....


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