Getting a second opinion (Canadian)

  1. Getting a second opinion (Canadian)

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to private message someone, but cant due to not enough posts... hence the reason for this update... if interested

    Earlier back i posted about starting TRT with my family GP. I booking another appointment with another doctor (another city), thanks to a recommendation from another user on this forum!

    This personal now specializes in this field, not a GP that has never done this and following an 'old-school' endocrinologist thoughts on this...

  2. Wish me luck! This one i have to pay out of pocket, but i will do anything for a better quality of life! And hopefully get off some nasty medicine the doctor prescribed me over a year ago...! I am sure you guys can guess... 'What a lot of doctors do, when you state i have no energy, anxiety and insomnia..."

  3. By the way, i will be able to see this doctor in about two weeks! I will keep you all posted!

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