elbow issues on push lifts

  1. elbow issues on push lifts

    hey guys im a long time reader but just recently decided to get a user account. about two months ago i was doing some skull crushers, not too much weight and heard a pop from my left elbow that was loud enough to be audible over the sound of pantera on my ipod.

    since then i have been having elbow joint pain every pushing lift i do in the gym. My ROM is still good no loss there, however when i attempt to lock out my elbow, there is a dull pain from the bone of my elbow and up about an inch going up towards my tricep. i have given a week or two of rest and am planning to go to medical since i am on active duty in the Marines.

    Anyone ever experiance this type of injury before?? what was the recovery time?? i fear it will be cronic. Anyone know of any joint supplements i can take for helping out my knees being my size and having a decade of running in the Marines (they are trashed!) thanks in advance.

  2. sounds like it will be an insertion point... might be worth going to see a physio but unfortunately rest will be only thing that fixes it

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