21 Years Old and low Test??

  1. 21 Years Old and low Test??

    Overview of where I think the problem may have occured. Skip down the paragraph to see the results if you dont want the sob story.

    Ive been through some ****, im not gonna lie. My lifes always been full of stress, and 2 years ago was the mac daddy of FML. In May, my GF of 7 years ran up to ST Louis to **** some guy from Ohio she met online. I lost two family members 3 months apart, my oldest brother to heroin in July(on our couch. My grandma discovered him, and we all followed the screams), and two weeks later we discovered my Grandmother had lung cancer that spread everywhere, and in October, we lost her. My second brother was so torn up about everything, he tried to shoot himself in the head, and while he was trying to get the nerve up to do it, while it was sitting on the bed, it misfired and shot through the wall and into the neighbors house.

    So needless to say, traumatic doesnt even begin to scratch the surface.

    Ive read that stress and traumatic events can trigger low test, and ive been suffering from about 8/10 of the associated problems. So I decided to go get tested.

    My doc refused to test my Estriadol, because he said insurance wouldnt pay to test a man for estrogen levels, especially in a 21 year old male.

    I get the call that, of course, my levels are all normal, and I have to wait a week to get a copy of the results because the doc isnt in town. So I politely ask her to read me some of the results, and copy them down.

    Here they are as follows:

    Test Panel:
    Total Test: 374
    Free Test 2.57 ft serpl (dunno what that means?)
    Fserpl/ncnc 96.1 (Again, no idea what this line means at all)

    Thyroid Panel: (They didnt test my T3 levels?)
    glucose 79
    t4 8.5
    TSH 1.59

    According to my research, for my age, the Test Panel looks horrendous, but the doc assures me theyre normal.

    I dont know about the thyroid panel, couldnt find much correlating info.

    So what do you guys think? What should my next steps be regarding this? Ive been suffering from some symptoms my whole life, especially lack in lidibo(especially during sex. Its like im all game until we start, then i lose complete interest.), and maintaining an erection(again, in the middle of sex). I used to think it was nerves, but its been happening since I was 14, and happened the entire 6 years I was with the girl.

  2. they do seem low, especially for your age but we will need the ranges, they should be on the test results printout.

    yes stress can take down everything.

    sorry for all youve been through, its not fair, but things will get better, hang in there.

  3. I appreciate it, thank you.

    Considering my age, if I do need HRT, I have a feeling Im going to be self medicating for quite a few years...Chances of finding a doctor treating me without being older or with test at least around 250 are going to be slim to none.

  4. You need to find a doctor who would treat you regardless. My doctor is the stingiest bastard alive. I could show symptoms of depression, low test, aids, or any other severe thing but as long as I can speak and am doing well in school he considers me OK. I asked for a blood test to check my levels and he refused because: "You're fine, you don't need tests". He's great for when I'm sick, but preventative or things he has to research aren't the best. Find someone who specializes in "anti-aging". A doctor has to be open to the idea of treating someone with low test, and your regular doctor just might not do it. You don't have to stick with 1 doc.

  5. You could start by taking your temperature 3 times a day. That will tell you if your thyroid and adrenals are functioning properly. With the stress you are under it is likely they are low.




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