Adrenal Hormone results and my symptoms?

  1. Adrenal Hormone results and my symptoms?

    I am a 20 year old male i am having symptoms of feeling very exhausted physically, muscle weakness, constant thirst, salt cravings, sometimes dizziness, feeling like i'm holding fluid sometimes in my lowerback and legs. No appetite during the day only night a bit more and shortness of breath sometimes.

    I have hashimoto's thyroidits and started thyroid about 3 months ago then these adrenal symptoms got worse.

    Here are my results:
    Urinary free cortisol - 378 * (100 - 320)
    Urinary Sodium 400 * (<100)

    I excreted 7.5 Litres of urine for the urine test. Thats a massive amount compared to other people. I had to use two 24hour bottles

    Sodium's really elevated. but i have been craving salt the few days before and drinking lots of vegetable soup maybe this is because my aldosterone is low i am craving salt and drinking tonnes of fluids always.

    Aldosterone - 80 pmol/L - LOW (Upright) (100 - 950)
    Renin - 41 mU/L - HIGH (Upright) (3 - 40)
    Aldosterone/Renin Ratio - 2 (2 - 75)

    Blood Cortisol - 773 HIGH (140 - 630)
    ACTH - 12 HIGH (<11)

    The results don't make sense, ACTH is elevated yet cortisol is high, shouldn't one be elevated and the other low or vice versa. Could the problem just be isolated aldosterone deficiency?

    Any input is helpful, thanks.

  2. I just started "Adrenal R-13" from Apex Energetics.

    It's for relief of muscle weakness, dizziness when standing up, hives, salt cravings, fatigue after exercise & allergies. It's a homeopathic remedy and a homeopathic remedy that is good for one person might be bad for another person. This product MAY help you. I had a biomeridian scan last month ( and my adrenals and endocrine system are f*cked. I'm also taking adrenal cortex extract drops:

    I've also been using a product called adrenal rebuilder but it hasn't been getting the job done. I'm stopping it and will just try the adrenal cortex drops and the Adrenal R-13. Not sure if any of this info will help you but I thought I would mention it.

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