Sensitive skin

  1. Sensitive skin

    What hormonal imbalance occurs when i cant even hardly touch my skin its so sensitive. Espicially around my neck area and upper chest. Most of my skin flushes easily and bruises easily? I took letro about 5 months ago. Last thing i took. I took prohormones for a while now and i am sure it has something to do with it. But i cant hardly shave and i feel a prickly burning feeling on upper chest while its red. Cant seem to tan normal. Turns red if i do. Havent tried to tan in forever for fear of burning because my skin is so sensitive. Just waiting for lab results so thought i would get some some thoughts.

  2. post those lab results when they are in, could be a number of things

    estrogen issues (or lack of estrogen) can cause flushing but the bruising, etc...not sure...could be unrelated....

  3. more or less thin skin, etc... Have no clue though. My upper chest feels like its on fire and neck does. Very sensitive to even touch. Face is very sensitive as well. Hoping i will get an answer sometime. Been trying for a while

  4. how is your blood pressure? stress? allergies? thyroid? immune system?

    I would bet that you have elevated blood pressure as part of your symptoms..
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  5. as far as I know thyroid checked out ok. Liver was good. Gallbladder i think in not functioning properly. Allergies might be bad. I was allergic to everything back in spring. Seasonal allergies but basically that is over because i dont sneeze, or have itchy watery eyes anymore. So really i am left with flushed and very senstitive skin and red eyes. I am stronger than ever and have more endurance than ever. So immune seems fine. I think BP goes up and down all day. I know stress level might be high. My job is stressful.....but i know if i get excited or what not, flushing of skin and eyes get redder. So something is causing that to happen. Adrenals perhaps? Who knows.

  6. How are your Histamine levels?
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  7. not really sure. What exactly do you mean by that?

  8. Histamine levels can affect nerve sensitivity in skin, which can appear to manifest as instant irritation and almost allergic-like symptoms (itchiness, etc.) much like you describe.
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  9. can that be done by blood test. What else would you suggest specifically to be done on what i have described. Sensitive skin, flushed skin, red dry eyes. Etc..Sounds almost like BP. I did all testosterone test and they came back fine. I told doc i need to do estrogen test? What else? Cortisol?


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