Ok, last thread on this, I promise. I'm getting treatment in a few weeks but I want to make one last effort before I get chalked up to being idiopathic.

Steroidogensis Pathway (c/o Wikipedia):

Related stats:
Pregnanediol: 500 (32-501) - Progesterone metabolite
DHEA: 3032 (5-1476) (No, I don't supplement DHEA, either)
Androstenedione: 53 (0-50)
Estrone: 2.2 (3-12.0)
Androstanediol: 85 (48-578)
Testosterone: 35 (60-103)
Estradiol: 0.5 (0-7.0)
DHT: 9.4 (0-13)
(This was from a urine test on 08/03)

Interesting numbers from earlier labwork:
04/29: LH: 1.3 (1.5-9.3) - out-of-range low
DHEA-S: 293 (110-510) - now in range??
Estradiol: 31 (<= 29) - now out-of-range high??

03/06: LH 2.4 (1.5-9.3) - now low/mid in-range??
FSH: 4.0 (1.6-8.0)

Other pertinent facts:
-No, I've never done steroids/anabolics.
-My adrenals, though very slightly stressed, aren't in chaos.
-Thyroid looks good, too.
-I'll find out my most recent levels of LH/FSH/Total T next Monday Oct 6th.

WTF is the deal with the bottleneck at Androstenedione? ****, I'd be happy for a ton of estrogen right now that I could just dial down with some Clomid.

Please provide any input and it is much appreciated.