Stacking Info For Mmv2

  1. Stacking Info For Mmv2

    can/ should i stack an anti estrogen with mmv2? i am currently dieting (cutting/hardening). i want as little water retention and estrogen in my body. experienced users/bodybuilders reply only. thanx

  2. To LG: How can i become a canidate for trying a sample of your product mmv2? I would love to complete a log and feedback my experiences with the product. I have been into bodybuilding for a solid 10 years. My pictures should show you how serious i take this sport. Please let me know i can accomplish this. Thank you. -Matthew

  3. MMV2 is very dry in and of itself, an anti-estrogen should not be needed. I love how it dries me out and hardens me up nicely!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  4. how long before you feel the hardening effects of mmv2?

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