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    I am looking into the LG stacks currently available on the market. I like that they include everything needed, takes the guesswork out, but I do have a few questions after some things I've read. Is one kit actually enough for a cycle?

    I've see some comments saying that running a 6-8 week cycle then pct is a better idea, any truth to this or is it a bad idea? And if it is a good idea would you double the length of pct cycle since I'd have 2 kits?

    I planned on starting the trifecta cycle this fall (Sept), then the bulk kit in the winter (Jan), and then possibly the cutting cycle in the late spring (May).. would this be a good idea or is it too much?

    I'm 30, and have been lifting regularly for 2 years, and lifted for a few years in my early 20's as well. I have no interest in needles, it's just not my thing, and when browsing some online stores the LG kits really stuck out to me. I've never taken any anabolics, all I take is a multi, whey, creatine, and maca powder (I recommend, btw).

    Any advice or additional information would be most appreciated, I'm still trying to get as much information as I can. Thanks!

  2. I ran the cutting stack a while back for 8 weeks which did require two kits.

  3. Good to know, did it work well for you?
    How did the handle the pct? Did u double the length of time with the 2nd bottle of form xt?

  4. It wasnt bad. Very mild in all aspects so I wouldnt bother anything under 6 weeks. I run pct the same length of the cycle so 8 weeks I'll run pct for about 8 weeks. I used the form xt, and a test booster

  5. Thanks for the information! Mild is probably a good place to start, anything recommendations for test boosters?

  6. I forget the one I used with that stack, but recently I used Sargent steel (it came as apart of the supermandro stack) and i saw good results with that. I've had decent results from m test as well but I've heard many others have blood tests that show it's junk. OL has good products as well. I'm sure you can find a ton of threads on test boosters, pick the common product from them.

  7. Thanks for the advice!


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