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  1. how would DAA go while taking 6 mass? would an estro blocker be needed?

  2. I would take it straight after the cycle 6-mass on its own will jack up test levels you will actually fail a drug test !

  3. Need Advice


    Im in week 2 of my 6 mass cycle. As far as I knew I didnt need a post cycle therapy.

    The product is great so far.... Should I "stack" it with anything else?? Whats this M1D stuff??

    The only other supps I take is a whey protein blend.... 2-3 times a day.

    Basically can someone with a bit of knowledge give me a brief summary of how I should be using this stuff (6 mass) from start to finish?

    I have never done steroids but been lifting for about 7 years on and off. I used that BPi AHD stuff once but this 6 mass seems better.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Just use the product as recommended and for pct jump onto LG formadrol or for a cheaper alternative use DAA for 2weeks. Next time you use 6mass you could stack it with LG OH-c21 or run the 6 mass to the end and then jump onto the OH-c21 and finish that out and again use one of the above pct. not much info on net about these products and more importantly the results they give so could you let us know about your size and strength results. Hope some of this was helpful mate.

  5. Thanks mate,

    What exactly is OH-c21? is that the same as LG 17 - Pro Andro? I cant find OH-c21 on the LG website.

    I think I will finish this 6 mass cycle and then do the OH-c21 or 17 Pro-Andro cycle straight away.

    this sounds stupid but are all these products test boosters or pro hormones?

    Someone told me that i can just use tribulis as a PCT?

    So far the product feels good.... the body feels pretty hard and not bloated like creatine. I'm 2.5 weeks into the bottle.

    Thanks for the help.

  6. I'm not sure what the OH-21c American equivalent is. Won't find it on the LG web site because its only for the Australian market meaning its a test booster not a ph. Trib would work for pct but keep dose high at 1200-1800mg a day.

  7. Cool, understood.

    Thanks for your help.

  8. would 6 mass and lg science epiandro stack well?

  9. Could you a add 6 mass to the battle hardener kit

  10. I tried 6 mass last month I say yes its stacks well

  11. What results did you get from it

  12. Tried to find out more about the main ingredient 6-keto progesterome... to no avail.

    There's a "review" of 6-mass on youtube.... it's quite funny really. For some reason the guy (supposedly a MD) says the main ingredient is 6-keto pregnenolone, although the label cleary lists 6-keto-pregne-4-ene-3,20-dione which is (6-keto) progesterone.

    Anyway, he goes on to say what it does not do, and that nobody knows how it works, but that he gained 3 pounds whilst on a cycle running something else.

    Brb, Ima go run 4 weeks of oxymetholone and drink 2 liters of mineral water a day and then attribute all my gains to the mineral water lol...

  13. I gained about 5 on epiandro and 6mass. 6 mass is a mass gainer ph very mild minimal shutdown if any.

  14. It's not pregnenelone, it is a purely anabolic compound that isn't estrogenic nor progestational nor androgenic.

  15. yea sure... so was 6-keto diosgenin a few years ago.

  16. Well, I cant really comment on diosgenin simply because I have never used it. 6-mass is however shown in the literature to be anabolic without interaction with any major receptors. Great yser feedback to boot!

  17. So in actuality, what's a good PCT for this? I can tell you "2 weeks of DAA" is bull....anything in the US OTC that will work (well)?
    >>Now let them tremble<<

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Bluedev14 View Post
    So in actuality, what's a good PCT for this? I can tell you "2 weeks of DAA" is bull....anything in the US OTC that will work (well)?
    Our form-xt with daa would be sufficient
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  19. I ran 1.5 bottles of this with no pct. no shut down or loss of gains or strength. Prehaps this would be good to use after a cycle of andro to help rebalance things. Just throwing ideas around.

  20. what sort of pct with this?

  21. Hey guys,

    Any updates on 6-Mass? Apparently it has been discontinued and replaced with Mega Mass by Spartan Labs.
    I'm just wondering if anyone has tried this and if it actually works better than 6-Mass?


  22. I'd like to know what's happening with it also. 6 mass never really got traction. Haven't heard of mega mass. It's probably under dosed like 90% of other legal PHs now

  23. Yeah, I still have 2 bottles left of the original 6-Mass formula. They expire 7/16. I remember they brought out a new formula that said "New Hardcore Ingredients" on the front, but from what I heard, it didn't work as well as the original formula. I'd say there may have been something else in the product which wasn't listed on the label.

    From what I've read, they are claiming that Mega Mass is over 50% stronger than 6-Mass and that it has 50mg of 6-Keto-Pregn-4-ene-3,20-dione per serve instead of the 30mg per serve which was in 6-Mass.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by bigflex0 View Post
    I personally would not run our PH's for less than 6 weeks for best results. 4 is ok but far from optimal. At the 4 week mark things are barely kicking in and it is a shame to cut it short. Personally I really like 8 weeks and will be experimenting with 12 weeks although I cannot recommend this of course and neither dose LG.
    Hey there big flex

    is this stuff still available in aus?


  25. 17 hydoxy 6 mass would be a direct precurser to 6 oxo


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