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  1. I'm not sure what the OH-21c American equivalent is. Won't find it on the LG web site because its only for the Australian market meaning its a test booster not a ph. Trib would work for pct but keep dose high at 1200-1800mg a day.

  2. Cool, understood.

    Thanks for your help.

  3. would 6 mass and lg science epiandro stack well?

  4. Could you a add 6 mass to the battle hardener kit

  5. I tried 6 mass last month I say yes its stacks well

  6. What results did you get from it

  7. Tried to find out more about the main ingredient 6-keto progesterome... to no avail.

    There's a "review" of 6-mass on youtube.... it's quite funny really. For some reason the guy (supposedly a MD) says the main ingredient is 6-keto pregnenolone, although the label cleary lists 6-keto-pregne-4-ene-3,20-dione which is (6-keto) progesterone.

    Anyway, he goes on to say what it does not do, and that nobody knows how it works, but that he gained 3 pounds whilst on a cycle running something else.

    Brb, Ima go run 4 weeks of oxymetholone and drink 2 liters of mineral water a day and then attribute all my gains to the mineral water lol...

  8. I gained about 5 on epiandro and 6mass. 6 mass is a mass gainer ph very mild minimal shutdown if any.

  9. It's not pregnenelone, it is a purely anabolic compound that isn't estrogenic nor progestational nor androgenic.

  10. yea sure... so was 6-keto diosgenin a few years ago.

  11. Well, I cant really comment on diosgenin simply because I have never used it. 6-mass is however shown in the literature to be anabolic without interaction with any major receptors. Great yser feedback to boot!

  12. So in actuality, what's a good PCT for this? I can tell you "2 weeks of DAA" is bull....anything in the US OTC that will work (well)?
    >>Now let them tremble<<

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Bluedev14 View Post
    So in actuality, what's a good PCT for this? I can tell you "2 weeks of DAA" is bull....anything in the US OTC that will work (well)?
    Our form-xt with daa would be sufficient

  14. I ran 1.5 bottles of this with no pct. no shut down or loss of gains or strength. Prehaps this would be good to use after a cycle of andro to help rebalance things. Just throwing ideas around.


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