PH-17? have you tried it?

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    yes in fact it does. if you look at the profile you will see it has resveritol & yohimbine. resveritol is a very potent antioxidant and has an
    mitigating effect on circulating estrogens. thus it helps optimise hormones right before your work out.
    the yohimbine is a potent stimulant and some of its action seems to increase focus and improve blood flow. more nutrients and oxegen you deliver to the muscles and brain all help you intensify your workload.

    i take mine about 30-40 mins pre workout right after my hemavol. its IMO one of our best products to date. did i mention people love this stuff!!??

    Yea very little (non-stim) hormonal products offer the same intensity and drive when taken pre workout! Whats not to love?!
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  2. Anyone know of a website i can get a discount when buying like 4 or more bottles?

  3. not really. some places will offer you free shipping though, and you can use my personal 10% discount on our site. enter "RIPP" for 10% off
    FINAFLEX forum rep
    visit our website at

  4. k thankyou i will check it out

  5. So If I was to start running OH-C21 at 8 a day.. on the package it says that pct of just beast supertest is required. Is this a guarantee or is other support required?

    Is this a legitimate pro-hormone? and considering I'm bulking atm is it worth taking or only good for cutting?

  6. You working for NDA !!

  7. No I'm not, Its just what is says on the aussiemuscle website I was going to buy it from?

  8. There's a lot of mention of liquid t911 and formadrol I'm guessing because the are lg too but my friend gave me 2 bottles of nolvadren xt would that work the same with some daa? Thanks


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