Can natadrol be stacked with sub sterone

  1. Can natadrol be stacked with sub sterone


  2. I have no actual experience with this but my opinion is yes. I personally would probably use it after Natadrol with Formadrol extreme(assuming you are using that as a PCT.)

    Quote from the sub sterone on Nutra.:
    Sub Sterone stacks great with prosteriods and prohormones because it helps increase the activity of steroid molecules by speeding up messenger RNA. This is the stuff that tells muscles to build more protein, so you want to stack it with androgens like our Methyl 1-D or at least a very good test booster like our Formadrol (plug) or a natural myotropic like our Natadrol.

  3. Sub sterone can be stacked with practically anything to improve your training.

  4. yes t can but i woudl pre stacking M1D with natadrol over it.
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