Poll: Was Growth Hormone A Good Anabolic Agent?

Growth Hormone Poll

  1. Growth Hormone Poll

    Have you used it? Your thoughts?

  2. What do most people want from GH?

    Extra Muscle Growth When Stacked With PH's?
    Joint and Tendon Repair?

  3. Are you guys planning on coming out with a GH product?

    I've never used it but recently became interested in it. I would use it for permanent muscle growth, better skin, fat loss, and joint and tendon repair. There are so many benefits to GH it's unreal. I'm sure i will use it very moderately in the not so near future.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by joeymutz View Post
    Are you guys planning on coming out with a GH product?
    They mentioned that they are planning to make a sublingual gh product.

  5. gotcha thanks.



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