starting my lg ultimate stack log

  1. starting my lg ultimate stack log

    Im going to be running mmv2 for 4 weeks than use the liquid for the remaining 2 weeks, m-1d for 4 weeks, and I-GH-1 for 6weeks. Than cycle off using psarm and formadrol as pct for 4 weeks.

    Im going to keep a log in this thread so any one with advice or just interested in knowing how the cycle is keep in touch and please post comments and suggestions.

  2. i started the the cycle today i woke up and took 2 mmv2 and 2 m1-d, than i waited about 3hrs and 30mins than took 2 more mmv2, 2m1-d and 1 i-gh-1, than hit the gym.

    I did shoulders and traps today really didnt see and increase in strength or energy. But than again it was the first day.

    Shoulder press 3 sets 55x6 45x10 45x10
    shrugs 3 sets 45x10 for al three sets
    chins 4 sets 45x10 for all four sets
    front laterals 4 sets 35x10 for all 4 sets
    smith machine shrugs 4 sets 100x10 for all four sets
    cable cross overs 3 sets 3platesx10 for all three sets
    cable cross overs behind the back lats 4 sets 3platesx10

    tonight around 7 ill take the 2 more m1-d and 4 i-gh-1 before bed.

  3. day 7

    i havent had a computer for the last week due to internet problems.

    Today i did chest and it was a pretty good workout
    i've only added about 10lbs to my bench frm last week.

    my cycle has been going good more aggression, no side effects except a little shrinkage which will go away during pct(i hope) but i still havent seen any great gains in size i started out at 175lbs and am still 175lbs-177lbs and im taking in about 5000 calories a day and about 240 grams of protein to my 175lbs body weight.

    hoping to have more progress in the coming days/weeks

  4. I'm in, and definitely interested to see your results. We're close to the same size, so I'll keep a close eye on this one.

    If you're taking in 5000 calories a day, but only 240 gram of protein, where are the rest of your calories coming from?

  5. Libido?



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