Methoxy TRn

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  1. Methoxy TRn

    Just wanted some input if you guys would be interested in a product just like Methoxy TRN?

  2. I am interested, but seeing as how my liver is still not functioning at full capacity some 6 months after taking any methyls, I would say that my liver is not intersted in any more oral methyls, unless methylated in the 1-position.

  3. yes--especially if you can get us the powder!

    Well, at least reasonably priced caps...

  4. Absolutely!!

  5. Are you serious? Do you know i will name my first child big gunther if i could get my hands on some Mtrn? I know i am such a supp whore, is there a support group for that? methyls anynomous

  6. Absolutely

  7. I will keep you posted. It looks like I will have it possibly this week. It is not ALRI, but the same.

  8. This sounds great... always wanted to try it.. then it disappeared :/

  9. Quote Originally Posted by MGH1982
    This sounds great... always wanted to try it.. then it disappeared :/
    Yes, I have a feeling this won't last long either.

  10. interested let us know.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by biggunther
    Yes, I have a feeling this won't last long either.
    But now i may have a chance to finally buy some

  12. for sure.

  13. As soon as you hear something let me know, it can be our little secret , nobody has to know !!!
    sorry bros, gotta get some of that compound

  14. Count me in.

  15. I have 1 bottle of Mtrn.. I am really interested what this can do so i'm saving it for later.

    But if you can get The same chem for cheap that would let all of us play around with the dosages.

    I'll buy for sure!

  16. Damn Yeah!!!

  17. How bout getting some of the Methoxy Tst they were going to produce? That would be really sweet!

  18. How much would you be selling it for and how soon will you be getting it?

  19. Who is making this stuff? And is it the exact same stuff???

  20. Seeing as though I am a mod and must protect the best interests of our members, any orders by those in this thread should be directed to me immediately.. I will test on everyone's behalf, and you get the tab..

  21. Big Pete your sig is hillarious !!!, thats why i hate all those damn stores Ambercrombie and Hollister is the worst A damn xxl if they have one fits like a halter !!! ANyway, due to you are a MOD and your protection is needed, i iwll test the compound for you, the lowly board member's duties are never done...

  22. Bump on the methoxy-tst idea posted by Sly. That one sounds very interesting. I myself have 2 bottles of the alri methoxy-trn...want some methoxy-tst

  23. id love some methoxy-tst too, already go some cheap m-trn a little while ago which I shall be testing soon.

  24. yes methoxy tst or ALRI's
    4-Hydroxy-D would be nice also.

  25. methoxy-tst and 4-hydroxy-D, would be nice indeed.


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