Ultimate IGF-1lr3 Beginner's Guide by PapaPumpSD!!

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  1. ppsd, ive been browsing over on PM and noticed Datbtrue doesn't think IGF holds much BBing potential, only for PCT and possible injury rehab. (Not putting words in his mouth, but this is my interpretation of his writing)

    Do you agree? I am researching a couple mgs of igf over the next few months and I'm just curious whether your experiences confirm that it is less useful than ghrp/ghrh combo for BBing...I have read some of your older stuff, but not much since you started posting more on PM...wondering if Dat influenced your thinking on IGF?

  2. I was wondering were lyophilized igf1r3 is available. Most everywhere is it reconstituted.

  3. I see more lyophilized igf1r3 more than it being reconstituted. U can't ask for sources this isn't an open board so be careful. Also you will need acetic acid to reconstitute it with.

  4. thanx for reply

  5. ...others opinions?

  6. thanx also papapumps for his guide

  7. i've srr it very interesting

  8. can using to much AA for IGF-1 Reconstitution break the ifg-1 down at all ?

  9. some people speak about cancer risk with igf1!!!....is it risk with igf1!!!what do you think about????is it possible?
    some opinions or experiences????
    thanx at all

  10. Quote Originally Posted by cloc View Post
    can using to much AA for IGF-1 Reconstitution break the ifg-1 down at all ?
    not sure but just use 1ml AA to 1ml of igf1

  11. well here the thing my igf is a media set so its one mg broke down into 12 vials ive been using half an ML of AA per vial?

  12. so that means you can use BW instead of aa and just mix it up like that. The BW will break it down within 24-48 hrs so be careful.

  13. can i use sterile saline solution ?

  14. saline is just water and salt i believe, so i don't see why you couldn't use it but i would stick to AA or BW cause i know for a fact those are fine.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by joeymutz View Post
    No need for refrigeration

    Each tick is 10iu if you use 1mg of 1gf and 1mg of aa.

    Pin ASAP try within 10 min bilaterally, my arms didn't blow up nor did any part that I injected i did lean out on it though very quickly. Just my experience though.
    do your pins have 100 ticks on them?

  16. I use the .5 cc ones so I have 50 ticks.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by joeymutz View Post
    I use the .5 cc ones so I have 50 ticks.
    You should specify that when you say 1 tick is 10 mcg. Lots of people use 1 cc pins with 50 ticks, so each tick is 20 mcg

  18. i have if you read through the entire thread

  19. I must of missed it

  20. Can anyone tell me if i reconstituted IGF1LR3 right or wrong??

    It says need to recon IGF with 0.6% AA.

    I read PapaPump's instructions about how to make it from vinegar, but there is no any word about how to make it from the standard 99.5% Acetic Acid (the chemical reagent) made by factory.

    So here is how i made it:

    I mixed 9.94ml of Sterile water with 0.06ml of 99.5% AA. So it's now became about 0.6% AA solution. I filtered it and added 1ml to my IGF-1LR3 at 100mcg/vial.

    Is everything correct?

    So, is it now can be preserved at least 1 year stored in the fridge without degradation??

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  22. White vinegar reconstitution .6%

    Hey fellas, this is my first time writing on a thread; I am usually just a reader. Anyways, I am looking to make AA from white vinegar distilled .6% to reconstitute with. My question is, do I still have to dilute 1ml with 7.5 ml of water if the white vinegar is .6%?

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S. Great information! Totally saved my ass, literally HA!

  23. I've been looking for a decent guide and this has been great! Thanks man.

  24. This is my first post, and I like to start off by saying that the information on this forum is awesome.

    About me: I'm 5'11", 190 and I'm trying to lean down to about 165. With that being said, is IGF-1LR3 good on it's own or is it better taken along with PEG-MGF? I haven't really been able to find anything regarding IGF-1LR3 being taken all by itself, but I've noticed alot of folks take it with the PEG-MGF.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  25. I'm new here and this is amazingly helpful, thank you!


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