How long of a cycle is too long?

  1. How long of a cycle is too long?

    I have been running 20 mcg's of lr3-igf a day for three weeks now. I am about to order another mg due to the fact that my rehab is coming along so well. One MG gives me enough for about a 50 day cycle. Is there any harm for doubling this? To being on this for three months straight??

    Thanks in advance for all the help.

  2. ive never experienced it myself but they say it loses its effects over time. You may need to up the dose, im not sure really. sorry i couldnt provide experience on this but im sure someone else will be around to help further.

  3. if you stop seeing the effects then stop and take a rest.
    if not keep going until the money runs out, if it doesnt then dont stop.

  4. you may also try splitting your weekly intake to only M-W-F, this may help in keeping gains going. I have read many people going 3 times per week for extended periods and continuing to make gains. Also, many of these were using 40-60 mcgs per application, which would fits your total weekly dosage currently.

  5. I like that last idea... Any body else have any input.

  6. Also, should i switch this up after the first mg is gone. after the first fifty days? or should i maybe switch it up next week. Im not not seeing improvements anymore i just want it to stay effective or not be harmful to me staying on it for so long.

  7. Do what isoc said, that has worked well for quite a few people.


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