are tablets fake?

  1. are tablets fake?

    I recently bought some hgh pills off of the internet. i have been taking them for about a month now and I was woundering if i wasted my money. I ve been doing some research and some web sites say that they work and other web sites say that they don't work. I would take the injectable hgh but i don't really know where to get it or how much it costs. so i was woundering if anybody had any advise

  2. I've not heard of any GH tablets that are any good for anything. Maybe someday, but not at the moment.

    Sorry man...probably a waste of your good money.

  3. Last I checked most peptides and GH have horrible oral bio-availability.

  4. I thought we just injected them for fun?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by aspire210 View Post
    I thought we just injected them for fun?
    Well yeah, but it's so hard to get that pill through the needle!

  6. haha real funny. go to and you will see what I mean

  7. sorry ghg is wrong it is

  8. Ok then...let us know how it goes.

  9. i believe that gensci just came out with a new oral that is suppose to be pretty strong...

  10. I'd bet at 10-1 odds that they do not deliver any amount of GH and probably don't even contain GH. They probably contain a "GH booster" which is usually GABA or something similar.


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