What we need to find out regarding IGF-1 and MGF

  1. What we need to find out regarding IGF-1 and MGF

    1. How many receptors in a 17" arms
    2. How many of those are upregulated in an arms workout
    3. How much in mcg is the corresponding number of IGF-1 molecules
    4. How quickly the receptors downregulate after exercise
    5. How much of each is produced in a normal human and in an athlete.

    From there, where we stand with regards to dosing & timing will become more easily figured.

  2. I posted on the other forum too but I will post it here.

    It would be literally IMPOSSIBLE to calculate these numbers. Even if you asked God himself how many IGF-1R's you had in one of your arms at any given time, that number could change as much as 15% within a few hours so, therefore, it becomes impossible to ever know.

    As for the up and down regulation during and after exercise I will do some digging but I seriously doubt I am going to find much literature on it.

  3. Well, God himself could tell you, but that's a little deeper than we need to get here.

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