When to stop P-gh before contest?

  1. When to stop P-gh before contest?

    Hello everyone....
    I have been using P-GH as a part of my pre-contest mix. I am exactly 4 weeks out (today) and am wondering if I should stop P-gh around 5 to 10 days out before the show. I usually do not have any problems holding water and am prepared for it if I do...but I usually get off everything by at least 5 days prior..(excluding oils which I give up 2 1/2 weeks out) I can't seem to find any info on P-gh and water retention during contest prep...but the theory of it holding water makes sense as it increases GH...any ideas would be appreciated. Mike

  2. I'd be wondering if you feel like your holding any water at all.

    I noticed some maybe...couldnt be completely sure though.
    I cant come to think of a reason wh yyou wouldnt just drop it 5-10 days out just to make sure though. I dont think there is much (or any) water retention with p-GH. Its not like your going to shrink or anything if you dropped it. Sleep and some fatloss (intially for me anyways) were the main bennifits. Other then that there nothing toi loose by dropping it right now if you wanted. -or, maybe 5 days before in the event you are retaining ever so slightly. But I know next to nothing when it comes to contest prep. I realize small differences are BIG differences. Take a look at how it has effected you so far.

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