Putting together igf kit?

  1. Putting together igf kit?

    Okay I really don't want to mess this up. Could someone please tell me how to put together this kit?

    I have a kit that includes:

    1 vial of powder (igf-1 lr3)
    1 vial acetic acid 1mL worth
    1 vial sodium chloride inj.

    I am like scared to mess this up lol.

    Also how do I store this stuff? Do I have to store it in the dark or refrigerated, both? or what.
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  2. Cmon someone has to know how to do this.

  3. All I know is dark and refrig for storing!. Not judging you at all, but if I recall correctly you grow pretty quickly naturally don't you? You hit a wall with your training, or just looking to take it to the next level?

  4. I believe You have to reconstitute the IGF with the AA slowly dripping it down the side of the vial. I'm not sure what the sodium chloride is for. Anyone know?

    For storage I've heard the AA is a good perservative and will last a good while without being refrigerated. I'd just be on the safe side though and keep it in the fridge.

  5. Yeah the sodium chloride is like a dilutent for administration. You add that in the syringe before injecting.

    Yeah I was going to trickle the AA down the side of the vial because the protein chains in IGF are so fragile even shaking the bottle could break them up.

    Does anyone know, though, if you can use an insulin needle after poking it through the stopper or if you should just pop the whole cap off the bottle and stick the needle in the vial that way, cause these slin pins don't have lur loc on them so you cant interchange needles from the syringe.

  6. I've poked my slin pin into the IGF vial, then into BW vial, then left side, then right side, all painlessly.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Grunt76
    I've poked my slin pin into the IGF vial, then into BW vial, then left side, then right side, all painlessly.
    I must have crappy slin pins then because man it doesn't go in very well at all on me once i go through two stoppers and goes in even worse after the first inj. I have been using two separate pins cause i literally have to jab myself lol just to get it to go in.

  8. Man of steel...


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