IGF addition to Pct??? is it worth it...

  1. IGF addition to Pct??? is it worth it...

    Hey guys!!!!!

    This is my first post at the AM boards, but ive been reading on the forum for a couple months now. I write on a couple different forums, but since coming here I find AM to be the most useful (personally).

    Anyway I consider myself somewhat experienced in oral cycles (never injected thoughh ) and I wanted to use either ORATROPIN-1 or HexaTropin with my normal pct (nolva,clomid, etc)....Im considering doing a Halodrol cycle in jan. or a SD/PP cycle.

    my questions are:

    1) is my age a concern considering im 21 and wanting to use ORATROPIN-1 or HexaTropin?

    2)if no - should i save it for a more serious cycle (PCT)?

    ive read everything i could get my hands on about these products, but the age thing is just something i havent found an anwser to and i really wanna try these products.


  2. o and i didnt want to sabotage Beowolf's thread over in PCT so i started one here if anybody was wonderin

  3. 21 is a little bit young for GH / IGF-1 products.

    IMO you're better off investing in stuff like Powerfull, ActivaTe, CEE, thermogenics and the like, assuming you already have nolva/clomid/Rebound on hand. And perhaps X-factor for during the cycle and/or after PCT if you have the $.

  4. 21 is old enough to make that decision, brother..

    IGF would help maintain/add muscle while you get your natural test levels back to normal.. I only ask you read more into what this can do, it is serious stuff..

  5. I fully agree with that angle, bro.

    What I mean, is that at 21, the levels of GH and IGF-1 are close to their highest, providing a great environment for growth on THAT particular angle of growth. Androgens are pretty much OK too, from natural production.

    IOW I believe there are other angles that can be successfully addressed for good continued growth off-cycle, for example, taking advantage of his high natural hormones with ActivaTe/Powerfull. I'm thinking in terms of limited funds here, though.

  6. Good point..

  7. thanks guys for the responses - ive done tons of research and i dont think education of the substance is a problem (other than 1st hand experience)

    i found a great website that not only covers IGF and GH but some other goodies...


    anyway my PCT right now includes nolva, activate, retain, rebound xt, fenugreek, garlic, hawthorne berry, saw palmetto, milk thistle, R-ALA, and CEE....i try to protect myself from as much damage as possible (i decided to get rid of the clomid unless someone gives me a really good reason otherwise and i can get a couple arimedex from a friend for free)

    i just did so much reading on oral IGF that the benefits really outweigh the negatives even for someone my age....but i will take ur advice and definitly think and do more research. i just hope this sale stays forever

    rock on
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    it is serious stuff..

    bigpete can u explain why for someone my age...

    i would actually think itd be less dangerous because as people get older their chances of getting cancer go up by the ten-fold and i just learned in my molecular biology class that "IGF 1-2 signaling are a critical component of the survival of many different cancer cells because IGF is considered one of a plethora of oncogenes, which inhibit apoptosis(aka cell death)"


  9. Just serious as in the effects, nothing bad..

  10. pete i ordered 1 kit so thats like 15 days...just to use the first 2 weeks of PCT or should i use it at another time??? i havent started my cycle yet (either SD or halo - i havent decided)

    i know u said it wasnt a good idea so i ordered half the recommended dose of 30 days to see how it makes me feel....honestly i respect all ur opinions on this board so if someone really thinks im doing alot of damage to my body please tell me how cause im just unconvinced.

    sorry to dissappoint u,

  11. IGF works at any age

    its great with PCT, helps you feel better and you tend to keep more of your gains.


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