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  1. back load

    "Mixing- Most IGF comes suspended in BA. Hopefully it is @ 500mcg/ml or even 333mcg/ml (that would be at 2ml/mg and 3ml/mg respectively) Draw out your desired amount and back load a slin pin. Add enough Bacteriostatic Water to fill the U100 syringe completely."

    backload??? I assume this means pull the plunger out then place the BacWater in the pin and replace the plunger. I then should keep the pin pointed down in order to keep the IGF towards the tip. But when I go to replace the plunger will I not squirt out a few drops of the good stuff?

  2. No you just pull out the amount of IGF from IGF vial you need then pull some BW out of the BW vial until you fill up the syringe if your using a small insulin syringe like 1ml or whatever. Don't like fill up a 10ml syringe LOL. The idea is just to dilute it more so it all gets injected and less stays in the syringe. Don't take apart the syringe unless you really want to.

  3. thanks for the response. I knew it was a stupid question. But it would have been stupid to f*ck up 1mg of IGF.

    Seams as though everyone is an expert on media verse receptor grade. But very little solid/real info on how to store, mix, inject.

  4. I don't plan on doing this. But I've read a few guys that mix in b-12 or b-complex. I wouldn't trust the other chemicals from destroying the igf.

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