Hexarelin. New. Help!!

  1. Hexarelin. New. Help!!

    I'm new to the peptide world. Having trouble figuring out how to dose hex with bac water. Confuses me. Can you help a brotha out.. thanks.

  2. If its 2 mg. add 2cc of ba. So for ever 10iu u get 100mcg.
    If u want less ba (which can aid in reducing the degrading rate) 1ml of ba. So then 5iu would equal 100mcg of hex.

    I normally do 2.5ml for my 5mg vials and 1ml for my 2mg vials

  3. They're 5 mg. So 2.5 ml. Idk.... so about the IU's its so bad lol.. i dont really know what that mean s. **** is confusing for beginners. Peptides at least. Thanks for the help though.

  4. On a slin pin. The marks are in iu. 10iu's is equal to .1 cc. So if u do 2.5ml of ba in a 5 mg of hex. U would draw. Up 5 iu's which would equal 100mcg of hex.

    So five dashes on the slin pin.

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