Igf-1 expiration date (which first?)

  1. Igf-1 expiration date (which first?)

    I was planning on running a m1t cycle then go into igf-1 r3 post cycle with other pct meds. But I am worried about keeping my igf-1 r3 the most potent it can be. The expiration says feb 05. Would there be a loss of potency if I kept it in the fridge for another month and then ran it for a month.

    Honestly I am loosing my control I want to try the stuff so bad. Due to the very beneficial and informative posts I have received in this forum I am no longer going to run the two together. I still think the smart thing to do would be to run the m1t cycle first then use the igf-1 r3.

    Or do any of you disagree do you think it wont make that much difference if I run the igf-1 r3 first then m1t? I haven't heard many people claiming to gain much fat on m1t cycles so I wont need the igf-1 r3 for the fat loss afterwards and there is other meds I could use to get me back to normal.

    I am also thinking the longer its been from my last AS cycle the better for me when I do my m1t cycle. Also if the igf-1 r3 works there will be more muscle cells when I do my m1t cycle.


  2. I am going to do it right and run the m1t first. My above post was just a moment of weakness. I would still like to have some assurance that the potency will not be effected on my igf-1 r3.

    Thank you as always

  3. It is good.. I keep mine in the freezer for 2 months total.. and it was good..

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