1. Igf?

    Alright guys,
    I have read the IGF info at top and reviews, etc. I am thinking about buying 1 mg. and using it at 30 mcg. a day for 30 days. This would be stacked with 6 oxo and zma following a 4AD/1T transdermal all out bulk cycle that will be 4 weeks. After the igf, i will use 4AD/1T/M4OHN for a lean mass gain. I am in a wheelchair and suffered a spinal cord injury 5 years ago. My biggest concern with the igf is health obviously as anyones would be. At 30 mcg. for 30 days, this should have no adverse effects on my organs should it? I am also going to be working on having a child with my wife in 2 years so this will be my last pro-hormone run as i want to just train and eat, but no supplements. In the info. it said igf will bring testicles to normal size. I could use this as being in a wheelchair, my boys are not as big as they used to be so i am thinking/wondering if igf will maybe help my efforts of having a child down the road. It won't hurt my chances will it? I am also wondering if it might help some nerve regeneration, anything would be great. Any experts want to comment? Again, it would just be one time at 30 mcg. for 30 days. Thanks guys.

  2. I would definitely reccomend a stronger PCT than 6-oxo/zma for that cycle. Especially at bulking doses. It's not hard to get a good PCT these days.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  3. You are right, i will get some Nolva i decided from custom, but its on backorder right now. I think i will end up buying some m1,4 from them as well and add it to the first 4 weeks. We shall see though. I have done m1t and had no prob as far as sides and will have bloodwork done prior to the start of this 12 week course. My biggest ? is still with the igf though.

  4. Hey mate...good to see you.

    I do not believe IGF will have any effect on your effort to have children.
    I must admit, it would be interesting to see if using it has any effect on nerve regeneration in you.

  5. Hey Size! Same here :-) Thanks for the reply, i am quite curious as well. See along with the 12 week trial, i am getting a special FES bike found here...www.electrologic.com I am hoping to gain leg size lost as this is the number one therapy now for people with spinal cord injuries. I am wondering with the igf though if i might get some nerve growth too. Who knows but if the consensus is that 30 mcg for 30 days is safe than why not?



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