IGF-1 and myoblasts question?

  1. IGF-1 and myoblasts question?

    Is there any reason to run a negative calorie diet with IGF-1 LR 3? Wont this affect the myoblasts in a negative way? I have the understanding that the myoblasts need to be in a rich and nutrient dense environment, and without this they will be unable to develop and mature. It has been proposed to me to run it in a negative calorie deficit in a recomp cycle. That doesnt make sense to me, wouldnt the myoblasts basically be unusable (unable to mature after the diet) ?

    All info appreciated

  2. IGF-1 has lipolytic properties. You'll recomp without a caloric deficit. While in a caloric deficit, however, IGF will greatly assist in keeping muscle tissue at the expense of adipose tissue.

  3. Thank you for the response. Wondering though, if those new myoblasts would survive through a calorie deficit?

  4. Keep it simple and don't over think this. Alternate between periods of caloric deficit and caloric surplus, specifically protein....

  5. Lol I'm just trying to prove a point to a friend that's running the cal deficit with igf, I m just not sure he will benifit later from the igf. His plan is to do this recomp, then later aas. Which is all legit except i m not sure how the myoblasts will develop into a mature cell that can grow if it doesn't have the nutritional support now.



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