another reconstitution question

  1. another reconstitution question

    Have a 10mg vial of ghrp-6, 30ml bottle of bact. water, and 100 1ml slin pins.

    Review this info and correct me if I am wrong in anyway:

    - mix 7ml of bact water to ghrp powder (does that mean to fill a slin pin 7 times with the bact. water and putting it into the ghrp powder)
    - then drawing up to the 10 mark on the slin pin for 300mcg for injection

    I did my research and just need now piece of mind from others to see if I'm wrong. Are my numbers correct for reconstitution and/or is there an easier way? Much thanks.

  2. Wow that's alot of water. And I'm sorry your math is pretty far off. With 7ml, 10 on the pin would be like 142mcg.

    You really don't need all that water. I would use as little as possible. If you use only 2ml, each tick would be 50mcg. So your 300 would be on the 6 line.

  3. Or even just 1ml. Then 300 would be 3. Up to you how you do it, but you might as well use as little volume as possible.

  4. I was under the impression to use a ml per mg. That's why I am using 10ml per 10mg. So, each tick would be 20mcg and 15 ticks would give me 300mcg.

  5. On your 1cc pin is each line 1 or 2 units? I only use 1/2cc pins where each tick is 1.



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