You know ur igf1 is real when...

  1. You know ur igf1 is real when...

    your girl friend asks you if this current cycle is different than other ones ....

    i am not tellin my gf about igf1 , i started gh too *2daysago, and thats a secret also...

    I got so happy when she asked me that, I am dieting now, and i think with test/tren/igf1 i have been able to loss fat without muscle and actually gain leanbodymass, till few days ago i actually thought igf1 is kinda useless but now i look at myself in the mirror ( been about 12-13 days on it) and i see big changes... muscle fullness and more definition, veins on forarms and hands...

    any way, here is my review on igf1... its not as crazy as others were explaining but it is exactly what i was hoping for it to be, to be able to leanout with adding lean body mass...


    by the way i got a question, do u think its ok to take IGF1 and Gh at the same time before bed? or do they have to be taken at dif times?

  2. What IGF dosage are you using?
    I tried 20mcg for 2 weeks & noticed very little. I bumped it to 30mcg a few days ago & I'm really starting to notice body composition changes, like you are experiencing.

  3. i do 40mcg right before bed.... in one shot, good luck 2 u

  4. im on about my 14th day, also trying to lean out for summer, im up 9lbs so far i wasnt expecting to gain wieght on it but no complaints here, im looking alot leaner more vascular, fuller...etc i just added tren, winstrol and test prop 2 days ago so i can wait to see how it will all end up, my gf also asked what the hell i was doing... i started my dose at 20mcg in the morning and 20mcg at night, bumped it up to 25mcg twice daily about 5 days ago, and bumped it up to 35mcg twice daily as of 2 days ago so i will wait and see the results i am very pleased so far...i also added insulin yesterday

  5. What do you eat before bed?




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