Lipoic Acid and Slin?

  1. Lipoic Acid and Slin?

    I am going to be starting a bulking cycle using slin and don't want to gain a whole lot of extra fat. I have read lots of interesting things about lipoic acids ability to shuttle nutrients and glycogen into muscles instead of fat cells. I thought that using it while using slin would be a great addition and I could further benefit from slin useage. I currently use ALA. Should I stick with this or switch to R-ALA? What do you fellas think?

  2. u would have to use a slighltly higher dose of ala to match rala generally , either way , i'd use around 200-300 mg of ala post insulin shot or with every meal .

  3. Doe sthis work well Ray? Have you tried it? im curious as to the effects of this since ALA seems to sensitize ALL cells to insulin. It may cause the insullin to clear faster or it may cause you to need more carbs.

  4. Hope we can actually find some people that have use ALA and slin together. I am pretty optimistic that these two together will have a better effect on the muscle rather than the fat cells. Let's get some feedback goin!!

  5. yes , ofcourse , u will need 1-2 gms carbs more per iu when u use ala with slin , and yes this is something i have tried myself . i use 200 mcg chromium picolinate , 300 mg ala , some creatine and glutamine with my post slin shot along with a lot ! of protein .

  6. very interesting


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